Oriath, the Island City

Theopolis is a beautiful city located in the middle of the Oriath island continent. It is just off the shores of Wraeclast. Many people of power reside in this city and corruption runs rampant through the nobles. People who displease or commit crimes towards Oriathian citizens risk the fate of being incarcerated on a boat and sent to the land of Wraeclast to live out the rest of their lives.

The Exile

Many have been exiled to the land of Wraeclast, many for crime, and many because of rampant corruption in Oriath, your homeland. Each class in Path of Exile has their own reasons for being exiled to this forsaken land. The ship which you were locked up on capsized in a strong storm, leaving you half alive, washed up on the sandy shore. Wraeclast is the new home to any exiles unlucky to find themselves in such positions.


The great continent of Wraeclast is a husk of its former self. Cities of great wealth and power once stood strong upon the soil of this land. Now, years later, the land is filled with dark magic, corruption and betrayal. It is unknown to the denizens of Wraeclast what caused this calamity. Remnants of this long-forgotten power still lay hidden in the world of Wraeclast.

Brutus, the Warden

Axion Prison, found deep within the mountains, was once a great keystone in the empire's attempt to clean and contain all criminal activity. Brutus, a renowned warden of this prison, became dark and clouded over the years.

Brutus, malformed and multilated by dark energy.

He drank, slept, and ate like any average man of Wraeclast. The only difference was that he was given the power to choose who lived, and who died. After witnessing years of death and torture that he himself had condemned prisoners to, he began to see the horrors of his trade and how easily one's life could be ended.

He sought eternal life through necromantic practice and eventually succeeded. He became immune to the illness of age, but eternal life did not come without a terrible price. All of the dark energy caused his mind to alter and decay until he lost what sanity he had left. He murdered all the guards and inmates still in the prison at the time, tearing them apart limb by limb. The guards surviving on the lower level barred the door shut, locking him in the upper prison level. This threw Brutus into a ferocious rage, causing him to smash the door until his hands resembled stumps of broken bone and metal.

Captain Fairgraves

A renown captain who sailed the high seas with his crew long ago. According to Bestel, a crew member of a ship crashed off the coast of Wraeclast, he was a hearty sailor with great ambitions and was a hero among sailors.

Now, in the Ship Graveyard, he resides upon the cliff with his ship, waiting eternally for his Allflame.

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