An aura is a permanent effect focused on your character that also affects nearby party members and minions. Auras reserve a portion of your mana pool. Some skills reserve a straight amount while others reserve a percentage of your max. The 9 original auras were added in patch 0.9.7, and one additional (Clarity) was added in patch 0.9.8.

All allies within range of a player's aura skill will receive an aura buff. Passive and item mod bonuses can apply to the stats granted by auras, but these bonuses are determined by the passives and items of the receiver, not the player who is the source of the aura. For example, player A has passives for extra energy shield and is generating a Discipline aura. Player A will gain a bonus on the energy shield granted by the aura. But party member Player B who is standing inside the aura radius of Player A will only receive the base amount of energy shield granted by the aura unless Player B also has energy shield boosting passives.


There are Passive skills nodes that grant bonuses to auras.

Icon Name Quantity Bonuses
Passive-auraareaofeffect.png Aura Area of Effect 4
Passive-leadership.png Leadership 1
Passive-reducedmanareservation.png Reduced Mana Reservation 4
  • 5% reduced Mana reserved

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