Wraeclast is a mysterious and dangerous land corrupted by unknown evil magic. Exiles, forsaken from their homeland have washed up upon the Twilight Strand. The journey for a new life only becomes complicated when you reach Lioneye's Watch, and learn that many exiles have come and gone from this land. Most looking for riches and easier lifes. None have returned.


Act I

You start Act I on the Twilight Strand, washed up on the beach. You see dead exiles everywhere around you while they suddenly rise from the dead and attack you as you progress your way up the beach. Once you arrive at Lioneye's Watch, you speak to the survivors and they give you insight on what to expect. As you complete quests, you progress through towards an old prison filled with skeletons and zombies, remnants of the old guards and inmates slaughted by the black magic of Brutus, The Warden. You are free to move towards the forest to see if the inland towns are thriving but you find someone named Piety, messing around one of the entrances. When you move toward her, she closes the path with dark magic. This forces you to locate another way to enter the forest, which leads to the only known path - the ship graveyard. Once you destroy the masses of ghostly pirates and kill the siren, Merveil you can proceed to the second act.

Act II

Entering the jungle from the depths of the mountain is refreshing. You steadily progress your way towards the Forest Encampment to have contact with the survivors of this zone. You learn there is just as much trouble in these lush forests and it will get no easier for you. After you have cleared the cave and worked your way through a cathedral and killed the local bandits holding out on the bridge, you can process with more pressing matters. Opening the way to the forest for the exiles would ensure less souls are claimed by the corruptions working its way into this world. Once you clear the rest of the bandits, and kill The Weaver, a menacing spider with many hatchlings, you can enter the ruins of a Vaal temple and will eventualy encounter a dark orb, which will unleash the black magic of Vaal upon the land. You are tasked with destroying it, as you are the one who released it. After you dispatch of this evil you break through an ancient door to the ravaged city of Sarn.


Moving towards the ravaged city of Sarn, you find little life besides gaurds corrupted by dark magic, and creatures with the only intent to kill you. Once you reach the encampment, you are tasked with saving one of the towns members from creatures near the sewers. Another survivor is trapped inside the crematorium, which is filled with undead and a ghastly surprise. Piety was torturing the survivor and when she sees you come stop her, she calls her guards and tries to kill you. Defend yourself and she will escape. As you fight your way through corrupted creatures, soldiers and a destroyed city filled with hostile surprises. With your iron will still in end, you move towards a general, stricken by clouded insanity. You are forced to kill him and you move on to the old castle. Killing hordes of undead and twisted monsters will eventualy lead you to the chambers of Piety. Kill her and rid Wraeclast of the evil it has harboured for so long. Once you get an ancient key to the Scepter of the Gods, go to claim your reward. Take the opportunity to free the prisoner in the tower, and you will unlock a new character class. Your final task in Act 3 is to kill Dominus, which will not be an easy task for characters under level 35. Killing him opens the exit to Act 4.

Act IV

Having killed Dominus, you make your way through the mountains to the town of Highgate. Here, you find there is an entrance to a mine that has been sealed off. The miner character introduced in Delve can also be found there near the mine entrance, if you want to visit his mine instead or take a break from the main story. You can find what you need to unseal the mine in the Dried Lake next to Highgate. Unsealing the mine, you have the opportunity to free the Red Queen, or rather, the former queen who apparently managed to seal herself INSIDE the mine only for her spirit to be tortured there. There are two levels of the mine. One leads to a crystal caverns. Inside the crystal caverns is a device that must be activated. Two portals are opened for you to enter, with one piece in each to activate the device. You must defeat Kaom and Daresso to obtain these pieces.

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