In Act 2, you make your way to the Forest Encampment. Act 2 is completed once you lift the dark magic that overshadows the Encampment and surrounding area.


The Southern Forest

Lush and humid, sweating violence. The portal from the top of the pyramid leads to a door that opens out to the Southern Forest. But something is very wrong with the animals here. The apes and monkeys want to eat you, and the vipers spit deadly venom upon sight of you. There are several tribal chests around that yield useful items however, on your way to the Forest Encampment.

If you have not reached the Forest Encampment before you reach the Waypoint, you can easily go back to the town in Act 1, and any portal scrolls would take you back to the last town you reached. Later on, you can switch your view between Act 1 and Act 2 while at a waypoint to navigate between places in different Acts.

The Forest Encampment

A remnant of civility in the wild.

The Azmeri have set up a small camp in the forest. But they are forced to pay heavy tribute to each of the three bandit leaders in the area. Here, you will meet the characters Greust, Eramir, Yeena, Silk, and Einhar the Beastmaster. Once you free Helena, you can also talk here with her in more detail. Eramir asks you to kill the bandits.

The Riverways

Once tamed rivers now running free.

The Riverways is another jungle area alongside the river. Here, you can complete the first of Einhar's quests to hunt down monsters for him. Each of the monsters Einhar asks you to hunt are powerful (red map icon is most powerful), but they drop more valuable loot, and Einhar helps you kill monsters while you are on his quests. Completing this quest gives you access to Einhar's Menagerie where he keeps the captured monsters. The Riverways lead to the Wetlands and the Western Forest.

The Old Fields

Sick pastures, feverish to the touch.

The Old Fields contain the entrance to the Den of the White Beast that Yeena asked you to put out of its misery. It also leads to the Crossroads. There is no waypoint in this location nor in the Den, so if you are defeated while trying to defeat the White Beast, you must travel there from the Forest Encampment all over again or travel back from the waypoint at the Crossroads.

The Crossroads

Life struggles where once it bloomed.

The Crossroads lead to the Broken Bridge and to the Fellshrine Ruins, and also contain the entrance to the Chamber of Sins.

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